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NEW - Gideon Leeches enamelled pin badge

The Gideon Leeches - Blessed is the Noise

Kenji Siratori + Pendro - Terminal Machine

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Pendro - Nocturne Convolute

V/A - Why Is Anything Forbidden? 2

VERHEXEN - A Malpractice Trailer. FfC's first video!



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By accident or intention, you have found the home of Fflint Central.

We are a very small 'label', founded in 1998 as an outlet for mostly our own music, initially released on CD-R, but now available in downloadable form. This has given us complete control and the freedom to release what we want, when we want. It's a great compliment to know that there are listeners who get equal enjoyment from FfC releases.

Our artist roster is small but focused: please don't ask us to release, promote, distribute or sell your music! We simply don't have the time or resources.

Search , Experiment, Produce - and Enjoy!

Blessed is the Noise - New Gideon Leeches album
FfC does Downloads!
Nocturne Convolute - New Pendro album
Verhexen - A Malpractice Trailer
Black 'Devilhead' T-Shirt
New Postage Options
- FfC Compilation on BIRDMAN Records
BLD's Mystifying Oracle Updated
Tar Weasels - New BLD album
New e-mail address

V/A - two effs Pendro - The Oxide Heresies Cavendish Sanguine - Transmutation
BLD - Drain Salmon Forgery BLD - the Lunge-howler e.p. Oleum - Excelsior
Pendro - Infusorium BLD - Contraception of the  Gods BLD - Missionary District
Cavendish Sanguine - Vitriol Crusts Pendro - Peninsula Cousin Silas - Lilliput
BLD - Without Chemicals He Points V/A - two-eff-m-you Cavendish Sanguine - Truculence
V/A - Unholy Trinity The Gideon Leeches - The Freezing Point of Sound Cousin Silas - Portraits & Peelings
Cavendish Sanguine - Strange Alloys, Rare Earths Pendro - Portals BLD - Tar Weasels
Pendro - Nocturne Convolute The Gideon Leeches - Blessed is the Noise